Beyond Arts' Golf Excellence

Zagreb, 21.4.1996.


First, let me say something about us. We are a designing team called Beyond Arts which already designed and published one game called Embryo in (not successful, I must say) cooperation with Black Legend.
We heard that guys who did Spherical Worlds and Evils Doom have positive impressions about your company, so we are sending you a preview of our new Golfing game.

I must apologize it wasn't sooner, but we are students and our game-publishing-and-writing job doesn't pay our bills or passes our exams. We must also stress that we won't be able to finish this game totally (at least a non-AGA version) before November 1996.

On this disk you will find two .lha archives with AGA and non-AGA versions of our game (we called it Golf Excellence). Have in mind that AGA versions is quite finished, while non-AGA is a quick port of AGA version which is NOT fully functional. It uses some clever tricks, so it isn't much uglier that an AGA version (the game itself, options screen is not finished yet).

Files here:
golfdemo.lha - AGA and non-AGA version of Golf Excellence, assembled so that it works from floppy drive IF you have enough free ram.

Both versions will need about 1.5 Mb of free memory (maybe a bit less), so non-AGA version won't work on 1 Mb Amiga 500 (yet, anyway...). We are planning of doing a PC version also, but it's still in very early beta stage. It looks a bit better than AGA one (640*480*256 colors), but lacks some basic playing abilities. We also don't have estimate time of finishing this PC port. It takes a great deal of time, and it isn't going as fast as we would like.

If you would like to contact us, feel free to write to above address, but I would really prefer e-mail to one of above addresses because it's much faster way.

Beyond Arts are
Dinko Nazor
Dobrica Pavlinusic
Damir Bulic