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Here is a short page for out tool bag.




Also, think about contributing (contact me for CVS login) to CVS tree (which we use for develop).


File from bag distribution: (it may not be current!)

bag is used to buffer data.

We use it to backup stuff on DAT. You shouldn't. It's still beta :-) It could also be used to buffer audio data before playing...

Read INSTALL file for compilation and installation instructions.

History: Why did we took it from timidity package and did things to it ? Well, it was just a quick hack to make DAT drive work faster, when backuping over network. So we added few switches in to make it work nicely and few other which sounded like neat ideas. It was just a quick hack to bag.c, no docs, no makefile, no anything.

And then, much later, we needed something to test CVS installation, so we took it, added some docs, added autoconf support while learning it, added RPM .spec file while learning it, and learning CVS features along the way.

So, here it is. We would appreciate all ideas, patches etc.

ObDisclaimer about usability, reliability and fitness for any purpose: WE DISCLAIM!!!

Example of usage:


If bag doesn't fit your need, maybe
cstream will. It's more throughput limiting kind of tool, but...

Take a look at my other projects and Linux related-ones or even my home page if you want :-).

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