How to create an Internet Community?

Kristijan Zimmer, FER; Dobrica Pavlinušić; PLIVA, Vlatko Košturjak HULK/HrOpen


According to a definition, Internet Community (IC) is "a collection of individuals who use computers, software, and other means to discuss common interests transcendentally, outside (actually: with little meaning) of time and space".

The term is quite frequently used on the net, according to the Google. This popular search engine finds almost 3 million pages mentioning it, in June 2001.

Not only that Internet as a medium made it possible to meet people worldwide who share similar interests, but it has also brought new and exciting interactive technologies to support the community activities.

This workshop will give an overview of such technologies, with their good and bad sides. ICs can choose among USENET news groups, e-mail lists, webrings, interactive Web sites, file sharing P2P networks (Gnutella, Napster), chat and discussion boards and similar technologies (irc, icq, instant messaging), virtual 3D words, etc., to organize themselves and come together.

As an example, a virtual community for collaborative creation of music, named GIYAB, will be presented. GIYAB is a recursive acronym for "Giyab Isn't Yet Another Band". It's a music of the community, because everyone can contribute to the music by sending their own voice, guitar recordings or alike. Such organisation of making music has powerful features like: getting an orchestra easier, recordings of rare instruments, or a whole "internet choir". The participants will also receive instructions of how to get free tools for starting a GIYAB based music virtual community.

The workshop is also intended to spark a discussion about what can make an Internet community more alive, and give practical advices to participants on choosing the right technology and possible approach, with examples such as creating an IC on

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