Directory layout

Yes, docman's directory layout has changed. A lot. For impatient, please go to upgrade documentation. This document is overview how new directories should be located (relative to web server) and why.

If you are in hurry, you can just skip parts which are written in italic. But, re-read them because they contain useful informations.

There are several types of directories in docman:

  1. Apache DocumentRoot directory
    This directory keeps just files which should be directly accessible by your web server. It should have just index.php which is symlink or hard-link to docman.php.
  2. Repository Directory
    Not accessible by web server, but writable by it. This is directory in which uploaded documents will be stored (along with notes, changelog, locks and so on). You can think of this directory as old root directory of docman v1.x. Nothing from this directory won't be executed by docman or web server for security reasons. This means that you will have to move your include_php files, htusers and configuration files to somewhere if you are upgrading from docman v1.x installation
    more about repository
  3. realm Directory under docman's directory structure
    This directory stores configuration file, users file and trustee file for one realm of your docman installation. Realm is one authorization domain, usually one virtual host in apache under which user can surf without need to re-enter his username or password.

Docman's Distribution Directory structure


Repository Directory

There are following files (aside from documents which your users upload to docman):
root of repository
.changelog changes of files under docman management
.htusers file with users optional file with MOTD which is included in interface
in each directory under docman management (all are optional and may be missing)
.bak/directory for backup copies of files
.del/directory with deleted files
.lock/directory with lock informations
.log/directory with changelogs for each file
.note/directory with notes for files
in realm directory (docman2/realm)
http_virtual_host.confconfiguration file for this realm
http_virtual_host.htusershtusers file for this realm
http_virtual_host.trusteetrustee file for this realm
in realm directory (docman2/realm/http_host/script_path) (if using path to script as realm)
confconfiguration file for this realm
htusershtusers file for this realm
trusteetrustee file for this realm
include_php_file.phpoptional file for include (docman.php?A=I&F=include_php_file)