From docman v1.x

When designing New Directory Layout special care has been taken to enable migration from docman v1.x as easy as possible. However, you will need to move and edit some files, but most of your existing directory will be left intact (and if fact, it will become repository directory, so you will have to remove it from your web server's scope).

Upgrade existing repository

If your currnet (v1.x) repository is called /home/httpd/html and new one is /home/httpd/repository you would have to do following: (this assumes that you are going to use virtual hosts to host new repository. If you would rather user path to docman.php script path to separate installations look below)

Upgrade v1.x repository to v2.x using script path


master configuration file

New in docman version 2 is master configuration file ( see installation instructions) which basically sets just $gblIncDir which is root directory of your docman installation.

This file is by default located at /etc/docman.conf and you can add configuration options to it which you want to use on all docman installations on that particular machine.


For now, you will have to examine New Directory Layout and Installation instructions because this part hasn't been completed yet.

To latest version from CVS

New preferred way to upgrade is to use CVS checkout from repository at cvs.linux.hr. This will not overwrite your realm files, but you should checkout only stable versions (which has tag in form v[major]_[minor] if current stable docman is docman-major.minor.tar.gz) if you don't feel adventurous.

First time check-out

$ cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.linux.hr:/cvsroot login
password:	[just enter]
$ cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.linux.hr:/cvsroot co -r2.x docman2

If you already have check-out from CVS

$ cd /home/httpd/docman2
$ cvs update -r2.x