Document Manager

Maintained by Dobrica Pavlinusic (

Document Manager is a document management system with the ability to check-in/check-out documents, track changes, and support multiple users. It supports all usual operations (rename, delete, view, edit) and comes with optional support for a secure HTTP server.
[from freshmeat page]

This is document manager based on phpAnyPortal. Added capabilities are:

  • multi-user support
  • check-out/check-in files (with locking)
  • undelete
  • multiple backups of overwritten files
  • keeping of changelog (per file and for whole site)
  • notes
  • authorization plugins (via pop3 server for now, new in 1.3)
  • users can be in SQL database (new in 1.6)
  • ACL support for files (new in 2.0)

Original features inherited from phpAnyPortal include:

  • browse
  • upload
  • file info
  • edit
  • source listing

It's developed for group work over the web, with fine-graded access control (in version 2.x).

As seen in book: Open Source Web Site Construction Kit by Thomas Schenk, Publisher: Sams; ISBN: 0672320878; 1st edition (January 15, 2002), page 64, 74-76

stable, production version

Warning about docman v1.x and php 4.2.0 from FAQ:
php 4.2.0 no longer register external variables (from the environment, the HTTP request, cookies or the web server) as global variables. docman up until version 1.9 depended on this. You could try to add following like in php.ini:
register_globals = On

development, cutting-edge version

This version is called development, but version 2.0-rc1 is newer are quite ready for production (it's release candidate after all), and it's a great way to get used to new concepts: repository which is not in web server tree, ACL implementation called trustee and bulk of new documentation. This docman works without a problem with register_globals=offin php.
There is another fork from AnyPortal(php) called FileFarm. If docman doesn't fit your needs take a look there.