My Linux box

It runs wwwoffle as a proxy and dnsmasq as a caching DNS forwarder. It's so great that I just don't know how I lived without it (I'm behind 14.400 bps modem). [yes, I know it's 2002. yes, I know that it's a 56k modem. but, I have PCM from Croatian Telecom and what can I do?] Look down this page, there is a part about it's integration with Windows (no, it's not usual samba story!).

Winbloze b0x

Oh, well, I have one. But, on the bright hand, I run latest LiteStep on it.

Debian CD and CD changer

How to install Debian CD on laptop from SCSI CD changer? Share a CD to laptop using samba and serialize requests to each CD using apache That way CD changer won't change CDs like mad.


Oh, I have proxy on Linux and Dial-up networking in Windows. How to integrate that? With a little help from LiteStep!
  1. download connected LiteStep module.
  2. install it in $PersonalDir$modules\connected.dll
  3. add following to your personal.rc:
    ; wwwoffle integration
    LoadModule "$PersonalDir$modules\connected.dll"
    WWWOFFLE_HOST	"luna.lan"
    WWWOFFLE_ONLINE	"http://$WWWOFFLE_HOST$/cgi-bin/wwwoffle-online"
    WWWOFFLE_OFFLINE "http://$WWWOFFLE_HOST$/cgi-bin/wwwoffle-offline"
    WGET		"g:\cygwin\bin\wget.exe -O nul"
    ; Command to execute if you're connect on startup/recycle
    ConnectedIfConnected $WGET$ $WWWOFFLE_ONLINE$
    ; Command to execute if you're not connect on startup/recycle
    ConnectedIfDisconnected $WGET$ $WWWOFFLE_OFFLINE$
    ; Command to execute when you connect
    ConnectedOnConnect $WGET$ $WWWOFFLE_ONLINE$
    ; Command to execute when you disconnect
    ConnectedOnDisconnect $WGET$ $WWWOFFLE_OFFLINE$
    ; Wait between checks
    ConnectedInterval 3s

    You will need wget. I use the one which came with cygwin.
  4. Put following two scripts on your Linux box (luna.lan) in cgi-bin directory:
    echo Content-type: text/plain
    wwwoffle -online
    echo Content-type: text/plain
    wwwoffle -offline

    Beauty, of shell programming, right? :-)
  5. That will do the magic. Never turn wwwoffle manually again :-) (you don't even need to check with wwwoffle -status if it's working. when it changes state console window will pop-up for a moment. So, if you recycle your LiteStep a lot, you might want to comment ConnectedIf* above...)


Wi-Fi. I just have to find another node close enough.

Update: I tried. There is no line of sight right now with any nodes available at my local WiFi community. But, I'm not giving up. We'll try to drill forest around me using high gain antennas.

Right now, I have experience with Mikrotik PCMCIA card (great card), Cisco Aironet 352 (I like prism2-based cards better) and PCMCIA and PCI cards from Belkin (which are also prism2 based, but with smaller output power than Mikrotik).

We used unofficial firmware patches to upgrade Belkin (originally with firmware 1.4.2) to firmware 1.4.9 using PCI and PCMCIA updates.

There is (somewhat unrelated-related) article about software RAID 1 for machine which is WiFi Access point.