Dobrica Pavlinusic's Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Dobrica Pavlinusic
Born on 8th of January 1974.
Home address: Vrbaniceva 2, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
e-mail: <>
Home page:
Citizenship: Croatian
Foreign languages:English
Drivers licence:B category (personal cars)

Career objectives

I'm looking for a job in IT company in field of Unix and network administration, security and Internet technologies integrator somewhere in English speaking territories.

Previous education

2003 completed RHCE certification for Red Hat Certified Engineer (certificate number 809003003508206)
1997- attending postgraduate study of Information Science on Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varazdin, specializing in field of multimedia, completed four semesters with excellent results
1992-1997 Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Varazdin
Bachelor of Science, Information Systems with topic Unix Internet server maintenance
1988-1992 High school "Nikola Tesla", Zagreb

Academic and other awards

2005.HrOpen Open IT award for promoting Free and Open Source software
Dec 2002.PLIVA's award for E-commerce pilot project between PLIVA and Medika
Dec 2001.PLIVA's award for portals and
1995/96University of Zagreb grant for this year
1994/95University of Zagreb Rector's award for paper in field of expert systems

Fields of Interest

  • System administration of Unix servers
  • Security of Networks and Unix servers
  • Supporting of GNU Free software
  • Porting between various OS
  • Computer networks based on TCP/IP protocol
  • Multimedia supported systems for visualization
  • Integration of full-text search engines and RDBMS to handle semi-structured data to enable knowledge management

Work experience

Aug 2013 Monitoring room temperature using Arduino
Feb 2012 Printing from Koha to Zebra printers on local Windows machine Jun 2011 SAML2 expirience: implementing SP with perl website
Mar 2011 Scalable applications with Gearman
Jan 2011 Mifare Application Directory - what is stored on RFID card in your wallet?
Oct 2010 Z39.50 server which scrapes web catalogues for information
Aug 2010 Biblio::RFID - write RFID applications in perl and EVOLIS Dualys pixel exact printing without cups
Apr 2010 MojoFacets web application for faceted browsing and data editing with perl query language
Feb 2010 bak-git, set of tools for easy configuration management with minimal deployment footprint
Dec 2009 HTML5TV archive of video meterial with tools to produce synchonized video and presentation on the web
Oct 2009 Sack - sharding memory hash in perl to tickle problem of executing perl code on datasets bigger than single node
Jul 2008 PXElator perl implementation of netboot protocols and tools for management of network segment
Mar 2009 Virtual LDAP rewrite or augment data on the fly between LDAP server and application
Oct 2008 3M 810 RFID reader support to enable RFID applications
Apr 2008 Organizator of First Croatia Perl Workshop - one-day mini-conference about perl
Mar 2008- Installation and setup of Koha Library System for Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Library
Nov 2007 Implemented TR-069 ACS server in perl for ADSL router management
Oct 2006 Implementation of Strix as CARNet's CMS for primary and secondary schools
June 2005 Implemented pgestraier function for PostgreSQL to enable integration between Hyper Estraier full-text search engine and RDBMS
Mar 2005 Manager for implementation and deployment of Strix for Croatian Academic and Research Network intranet
Oct 2004 Implemented Fuse::DBI perl module which allows users to mount RDBMS tables as file-system and use file-system tools to edit content in database directly.
May 2003- System arhitect for Strix Knowledge Management portal, based on Open Source technologies (Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL, PHP, perl), leading small group of developers through design, implementation and deployment.
Nov 2002 Implementation of E-commerce pilot project between PLIVA and Medika (using perl scripting to connect legacy Medika's ERP system and SAP R/3 in PLIVA)
Oct 2002 Presented paper Building WebPAC for Faculty of Philosophy Libraries about successful implementation of WebPAC at CUC 2002.
Oct 2001 Presented How to create an Internet Community? on CUC 2001.
Apr 2001 Presented two topics at DORS 2001/CLUC 1/3 conference: SourceForge development model and How to save $50,000 by portal development
Apr 2001 Consulting to FER web team about implementation of portal at Faculty of Electronical Engineering and Computing
Mar 2001 Finished development of PLIVA d.d. corporate pages based on php and template engine (with WAP support)
Dec 2000 Participated in KOM 2000 with paper about development of Document Manager.
Sep 2000 Participated is invited speaker on CARNet User Conference 2000 on topic of "Intellectual property rights on the Web", moderated by Petar Pale
May 2000 Organization and participation in second Croatian Linux User Conference
Mar 2000 Paper Security Policy Implementation within Distributed Organizations Confidential Data Transfer" at CIS 2000
Jan 2000- Employed at PLIVA d.d. Informatika as system administrator for intranet and Internet
Oct 1999 Paper Integration of databases and World Wide Web based on Open Source technologies on IIS '99.
Jul 1999 Chairman of round table about Open Source and GPL licence
Apr 1999 Organization and participation in first Croatian Linux User Conference
Dec 1998 Held a lecture on Porting from Unix to Windows NT
Apr 1998 Held a workshop about Firewalls at DORS (Days of Open Systems at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Zagreb)
Feb 1998-Jan 2000 Employed at Faculty of Organization and Informatics as a member of project: Evaluation of Information content vulnerability funded by Croatian Ministry of Education
1998 Installation and setup of small Linux based webcam server Design and implementation of RFC search engine based on RDBMS, connecting of Microsoft SQL server with Linux WEB front-end
1997 Installing of custom made support for dial-in based on radius
Design of pages for Croatian Linux User Group
1995 Installation and administering of firewall machine for our LAN
Solving of all networks related needs and problems since then.
1995-2000Working as a system administrator of Unix and Internet servers at Faculty of Organization and Informatics
Administering of various servers including gopher, ftp, mail, mail lists and various statistical representations
1991-1995 Working at local television station OTV, on various posts Written crawl program in Motorola 68000 assembler for OTV.
1989 Began programming in Motorola 68000 assembler on Amiga
-1988 Programming in basic, logo and 6510 assembler on C64.

Programming languages

C experience based on few small network projects
perl writing of various scripts for administrative and web purposes
pascal project of visualization in field of bridge constructions
sh various tools written using Unix shells
phpimplementation of various web-based projects
javamaking of small web applets
JavaScriptvalidation of entered data, dynamic forms

Operating systems knowledge

OS/400 four months of experience administrating AS/400 system including backup, printer setup and connecting of personal computers
Amiga obsolete really
Unix Digital UNIX (formerly OSF/1) since 1995 and Linux since 1994.
MSDOS I know my way around
Windows use of office tools and programming

Social relations

I have rich experience in working in teams from two to ten people on various projects including design and implementation of information systems during my university education and later during implementation of Strix knowledge management portal where I served as system arhitect for implementation and deployment.

Position of Responsibility

Personal interests

I really like going to theatre (classic and modern) movies, especially alternative ones (I suppose that it's an old habit from my television days) and comics. I also like long walk in the nature as well as sleeping long. Reading of books (fiction, popular and science) also takes a lot of my time.
I support free and open source software, and have contributed to various projects on the net. I prefer to work in teams.
Travelling and visiting interesting places is my favorite form of holiday.