I will collect my notes about running Wine and CrossOver Office here.

A long time ago, I wrote how to run Visio 4.1 Technical with wine 980822, see screenshot. Next version, 980927 had this patch included! I guess that I become wine contributor :-).
Back then, if you wanted to use wine with comdlg32 patch, you had to start it with wine -dll -comdlg32 visio32.exe so that you could use open and save.

And now, to more recent developments...

How to install ActiveState perl under Wine?

I wanted to run Win32::OLE on my development machine which is Debian Linux. This tutorial is based on CrossOver Office Standard 4.1, but it should also work with Wine.

That's it! It wasn't hard at all.

And, now assorted list of links to get you started with Excel and OLE automation.

See also PerlMonks discussion about this topic.