route/proute support page

This program is a very nasty hack of xroute to work as simple route between port on localhost and remote host:port. xroute is written by Kartik Subbarao, Workstation Systems Division, Hewlett-Packard (, and hack is done by Dobrica Pavlinusic while working at Faculty of Organization and Informatics (

It needs machine and C compiler to compile. :-)

(p)route is tested on Linux and Digital UNIX (OSF1).


(p)route is distributed in source code. However, compiling and installing is trivial. Here you can find:

What's new...

Change from route to proute

proute 1997-10-23

proute 1997-11-17

proute 1998-02-12


To compile route on Solaris use following command and not make:
cc -o route route.c -Dhpux -lnsl -lsocket
and ignore all warnings.


This tool is hack. Don't try to learn programming from it! :-)

Known bugs

proute option -b doesn't work under OSF!