tribute to Palm

Here is a list of palm supported software here:

Keyring for Palm OS

Program formally known as GNU Keyring...
GNU Keyring lets you securely store digital secret keys on your PalmOS. I wrote dump-gkr conduct which allows you to dump database on stdout.
Important security update on 2003-02-23: dump-gkr will from now on read your password only from terminal using Term::ReadPassword. That will protect your passwords from being left in .bash_history or similar files.
Update on 2003-06-19: dump-gkr will now create ZSafe version 1.x (using option -4) or 2.x (option -6) text format

For Zaurus users who wondered here: this tool has to be run on Linux host like this:
$ ./dump-gkr -6 > ~/passwords.zsf.txt
After that transfer passwords.zsf.txt to /home/zaurus/Documents/application/zsafe (for ZSafe version 2.x) on Zaurus and run text import in ZSafe. You will, however, have to re-create your categories manually, because all entries will end up in category "palm" (yes, I know this is a annoyance...).

Pilot MiniCalc

This is commercial application which seemed nice when I tried shareware version. After I decided not to buy it I was stuck with database which had important (for me) data. So, I wrote this dump-PiMc.

Pilot's address book via web

abook.cgi is small perl script which enables you to search through your addressbook records via web. It's somewhat specific to my configuration: it remaps characters to iso-8859-2 and rewrites telephone numbers. However, it's so simple that you can remove that part :-)
Update 2003-04-02: It now uses PDA::Pilot (from pilot-link package) instead of some other obscure module...