Multi Domed Daemon (mdd)

Written by Dobrica Pavlinusic (

This program can provide different services on same port (or ports) depending on IP address which is called (and/or IP address of client). It's perfect companion to inetd for that task.
Network daemon inetd respond (binds) to all IP addresses on one machine (all aliases) and with mdd you can provide different services for ports depending on it's IP address.

It needs machine with IP alias support, C compiler and inetd.

It is tested on Linux, Solaris and Digital UNIX (OSF1).


mdd is distributed in source code. However, compiling and installing is trivial. Here you can find:

Please note that if you used version 0.3 before you need to change your inetd.conf file !

Example of usage

Here you will be able to find some examples of mdd usage:


You can also examine log of changes to see if there is anything for you in new version.